jaredpatch dot com

To paraphrase Vanilla Ice, if there's a problem, Hey! I can solve it.

My name is Jared Patch, and I'm a freelance problem solver.

Things I do: Why you should work with me for your [everything] needs:
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo creation
  • Production work
  • Software training (InDesign mostly, with some Acrobat thrown in for fun)
  • Icon or Character creation
  • And... coming soon, Animation!
  • I'm thorough, communicative and fun to work with
  • Working within a budget and in a timely manner is part of my schtick
  • My sense of humor
  • My enthusiasm for what I do is usually infectious — I'm proud of that
  • Why not?

After obviously blowing you away with my bulleted list of why I would rock the socks off your next [see bulleted list of potential project categories above] project, then why don't you contact me at jp@jaredpatch.com.

This site is currently under construction, check back again soon for updates.

Thank you, please come again